Girl and her pet dog taking a selfie outdoors.

D-Link for Pets

D-Link partnered with Italian animal shelter Vita Da Cani Onlus to raise awareness of abandoned pets and the shelter’s work, and to promote their own video surveillance systems.

LEWIS devised a charitable campaign to provide food for the animals by asking fans to share a selfie with their pet on social media in exchange for a meal. 

The ambitious goal was to deliver a total of 1,000 meals for the shelter’s occupants. Within six weeks this goal was surpassed and more than 1,200 meals were provided. D-Link also donated a full video surveillance system to the shelter to monitor its inhabitants.

Key campaign objectives:

  • Provide 1,000 meals for the shelter’s occupants
  • Raise awareness of the shelter and its work
  • Promote D-Link’s video surveillance systems


Every year, in the run up to the summer holidays, the number of abandoned animals rises despite public campaigns battling against this trend. LEWIS decided to leverage this hot topic to position D-Link as a company that cares about abandoned animals. The campaign needed to involve online and offline communities, so selfies with pets were the perfect idea. Animal lovers are notoriously keen to get a picture with their favorite four-legged friends and in doing so could show their support for the “Don’t Abandon!” campaign.


The campaign harnessed common online behavior (selfies with pets) for a charitable goal: feeding the animals. This created the crucial element of shareability. Press releases, news announcements, bloggers, and online influencers were also involved to ensure that the message spread quickly and widely, and to boost engagement.

Alongside influencer involvement, social media outreach was central to the success of the initiative. Facebook and Twitter followers were encouraged to submit selfies of their furry friends and spread the word. Every selfie with a pet meant one free meal provided for the shelter’s animals. Each milestone of another 100 pictures received was celebrated, and the images were broadcast across social channels to increase participation and motivation of fans.

At-a-glance results:

  • More than 1,200 pictures received
  • 1,100 new social media fans during the campaign period
  • 117,000 people reached
  • 193,000 impressions
  • 340 positive comments

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