Global HUB


Today’s global brands face many challenges. They need to think global but act local. They also need agility and consistency.

Our clients turn to us when they need to promote their brand globally in a unified manner. That involves managing multiple agencies which can be a huge pain point.
This is where a Hub provides a central element of any globally or regionally-led campaigns. Whether PR, marketing, digital campaigns, the hub provides one point of contact to clients.
The hub drives more integration, higher efficiencies and better outcomes. Clients benefit from more control, more consistency, economy of scale and in-market advice.
We have a team of Hub specialists whose role is exclusively to manage multi-market and multi-discipline campaigns.

Our global Hub services include:

  • CONSULTANCY & PLANNING: One point of contact for central client contact, research, strategy definition, strategic counsel, communications plans, marcom integration


  • UNIFIED MESSAGING DEVELOPMENT: Messaging workshops, narrative and messaging creation, messaging analysis, spokespeople training​


  • CENTRAL CONTENT CREATION & PITCHING: Creation of releases, bylines, top tips guides, social media posts, content pitching to international media​


  • MULTI-MARKET COORDINATION: Processes definition, liaison with country teams for updates or best practice sharing, support with team requests (e.g. visuals)


  • TRACKING OF COUNTRY PROGRESS: Knowledge of local market activities, results and progress against targets


  • MEASUREMENT & ANALYSIS: KPIs/metrics definition, creation of reporting templates based on client preference, research and campaign analysis on monthly or quarterly basis


  •  INTERNATIONAL EVENTS MANAGEMENT: Centralized management (invite, progress/results tracking, briefing documents, press packs), on-site support to host journalists/bloggers, live social media posting/engagement

We offer one point of contact to save you time, streamline processes and generate better outcomes.

LEWIS Global Hub Model
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