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Why The [New] Conversation Prism Is So Relevant

Giles Peddy
Published on July 10, 2013
By Giles Peddy


Last week saw the release of the latest version of 'The Conversation Prism' by Brian Solis and JESS3. This seminal infographic, simply and beautifully captures the challenge and opportunity that social media provides organisations. It is something I have used many times with clients and in meetings over the years. It shows the strategic value of integrated communications and how social media is more than Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It visually showcases the wealth of relevant social media platforms that brands can harness to reach, nurture and engage target audiences.

However, the Conversation Prism is more than just a tool for talking about digital. It provides the catalyst to a bigger, braver and more interesting conversation. It prompts questions like "what are we trying to do for the business?" "Who do we need to reach?" "How do we best do that?" "What channels should we use?" "When and where do we engage with them?" And "how can we measure our impact on the organisation?" For me that is why The Conversation Prism is so powerful. It is the starting point for clearly articulating why the traditional PR route may not be enough. This means smarter measurement; greater use of data to identify trends and influencers; embracing a wider set of influencers and channels to engage with; applying more creative content (visual) to campaigns; and a recognition that speed is truly a communication imperative. In a world operating with new rules, business as usual won't work. Organisations need to think differently. They need to experiment, try new approaches and not worry about failure, but keep trying. This is why speed is so important. Keep trying, keep moving, keep exploring. For me, this is why The Conversation Prism is so exciting. It illustrates the opportunity for organisations to recognise they need to change to stand-out, because those that are willing and able to do so give themselves the best chance of achieving remarkable things.

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