Altera, an Intel Company

China will enter into the 5G era in the next five years. The fastest movers will gain competitive advantage in the emerging telecommunications technology. Altera, an Intel company, in partnership with Huawei, Intel, Spreadtrum and Terasic, organised the industry’s first 5G Algorithm Innovation Competition among the top universities in China. 

With unique expertise in B2B and content marketing, the LEWIS team were called on to drive the whole communications campaign. The major challenge was to continuously generate relevant and engaging content across multiple platforms for different audiences for the duration of the competition. Key audiences included university students, scholars, industry players, government officials and the media.

With profound industry knowledge, outstanding media relations and a generous dose of creativity, content was generated for articles, audio, videos, infographics and HTML5. A dedicated WeChat account and a micro-site were set up as a hub for the content. The team also organised two large scale press conferences and a series of media interviews during the eight months. The range of media engaged include key telecommunication, technology, business and mainstream titles. Executives from the participating companies, as well as outstanding students, were interviewed. 

The results: 

  • more than 250 pieces of coverage
  • 280,000 followers on social media
  • WeChat article read rate averaged at 42%, almost twice the average for the channel

The overall programme fulfilled Altera’s objectives of increasing brand awareness, demonstrating its technology leadership in 5G, and laying a solid foundation for the next competition.

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