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29 June 2021





Summer of Sonic

Summer of Sonic is a three-part Clubhouse series that brings together marketers and like-minded individuals to discuss all things related to audio marketing and sonic branding.

Hosted and moderated by Danny Wong, Head of Growth and Acceleration, LEWIS APAC, each session will last between 30 and 45 minutes and features guest panelists who will share their experiences on audio marketing and content creation, and address challenges and questions marketers may have, in light of new audio platforms.

From May onwards, the topics we will be deep diving into include the Podcast Landscape, Future of Audio Advertising, and Clubhouse 101 for Brands.


Past Sessions

Podcasts: Are you listening now?


Geoff Quattromani, Podcaster – Technology Uncorked

Shaun Tupaz, Radio Personality, with ONE FM 91.3’s THE BIG SHOW, Podcaster – Send Help and Coffee

With the audio content landscape changing, how can brands take control and prepare for their foray into Podcasting? We share tips and strategies on how both B2B and B2C brands can do just that, through content planning for your next podcast session, and tracking your podcast ROI.

Read our takeaways from Podcasts: Are You Listening Now, here.

The Future of Audio Advertising


Chris Beer, Trends Manager at GWI, has over 4 years of experience working in GWI, which supplies data on digital consumer behaviours. His past work experience includes 2 years in Strathmore Publishing as the Production Manager in Audio.

Sea Yen Ong, Regional Head of Sales, Spotify SEA + HK + TW, a veteran in Marketing and Advertising industry, with more than 5 years in Spotify Asia.

With the rise in digital audio advertising, we break down the types of audio technology and platforms available in the market. We answer your burning questions like how your brand can leverage on new platforms for your advertising efforts and discuss the emerging trends and what it means for the future in Audio Advertising.

Read our takeaways from The Future of Audio Advertising here.

Clubhouse 101 for Brands

Reita Faramay is the founder of Lucid Communications based in Indonesia, and created the Club, Top Tech Leaders on Clubhouse

Sarah Lian is an actress and entrepreneur, founder of Suppagood Collective

Clubhouse first launched in 2020 and has since grown exponentially with 10 million users and counting. Opportunities for brand engagement are endless through this platform. In this session, we break down the prospects and challenges for this new medium. Hear from our speakers on their experience with Clubhouse and how it helped shaped new marketing efforts.

Read our takeaways from clubhouse 101 for Brands here.

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