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1 June 2021



Webinar: Solving Marketing Mysteries

Our live webinar took place on Wednesday, 1 June at 7:30am AEST | 5:30am SGT

Marketing in the digital age is constantly changing, causing increased pressure on businesses to anticipate and react to challenges. It’s also forced many questions upon marketers- Why aren’t you seeing direct returns from your campaigns? How do you apply current trends to your business effectively? Is there a way to ensure consistent quality across the marketing spectrum?

In collaboration with General Assembly, we discuss the next generation of tools that will help amplify your brand and grow your business. We address three key pillars which are the perfect formula to help brands stay relevant, cut through the digital noise, understand consumer behaviours, combat uncertainty and prove ROI.

During this session, we cover:

  • Pillar 1: Growth and business acceleration
    To grow, marketers need to be thinking about deepening existing customer relationships and starting new ones. In fact, increasing leads is the highest priority for marketers in 2021. There is also a greater emphasis on the need to invest in analytics tools that help brands understand the needs and wants of individual leads.
  • Pillar 2: Creativity to scale
    Since COVID everything has moved online and there is a greater emphasis on developing visual narratives that bring a brands purpose to life. Brands need to consider new tools and strategies to introduce bold and vibrant creatives that draw eyes and complement the consumer journey. With technology at the fingertips of so many, marketing automation tools are a valuable means to help brands save time and resources. With automation brands can leverage machine learning to tailor their creative thinking and designs to their user’s unique needs and wants.
  • Pillar 3: Elevating Content
    Content marketing isn’t going anywhere, in fact it is taking a whole new level as consumers increase the pace and consumption of content. Consumers are connected now more than ever, and they want to feel a stronger sense of engagement and community. It’s crucial that companies recognise the value of personalised experiences in today’s world. Personalisation is a great way to elevate content as it captures customers attention, communicates a point of difference, and makes people think.

A multi-award winning business leader with over 15 years of experience directing communications programs for private and public sector organisations, Managing Director of LEWIS Australia, Steven Reilly specialises in creating impactful consumer, corporate and stakeholder engagement strategies that drive positive changes in behaviours and attitudes.

He has worked with some of the world’s most recognised brands including Google, Coca-Cola, Sydney Opera House and FIFA on programmes spanning B2C, B2B and crisis communications.