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Giles Peddy

Published on

June 20, 2018


As someone passionate about measurement, an article on the topic in PR Week caught my eye. Based on findings from the PR and Communications Census 2018, I was delighted to see that the use of AVEs had declined to just 12%, and that AMEC’s Barcelona Principles were being used by 24% of practitioners. 

However, the PRCA says too many people still ‘fail to embrace rigorous evaluation methods for PR’. And when I looked closer at the 24% stat, it said that the Barcelona Principles were the preferred evaluation method. That’s rubbish! In every sense.

Firstly, the Barcelona Principles is not a method, it’s what it says it is, principles. Second, what are the other 76% of the 1,687 respondents doing?

As someone who was very closely involved in the development of AMEC’s Integrated Evaluation Framework (IEF), I call on everyone in the industry to use the IEF as your method. It’s a planning tool, a management tool, and a measurement tool. It’s the standard for all UK Government comms measurement, and many Blue Chip brands. It’s the best model the industry has and if we are serious about justifying budgets, showing tangible impact, and getting rid of vanity metrics and useless AVEs, then we should all be using the IEF. End of story.

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