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Published on

August 28, 2019


content marketing, white paper

White Paper: Content Distribution Along the Customer Journey

You’ve got great content created, now learn the best ways to promote it. With the congested digital world of content, how can yours stand out from the crowd and land in the hands of your desired targets? Having a well-grounded content distribution strategy is key. In this guide, we take you through all the channels to consider to get your content seen – by the right people, at the right time.

We know that even the best content is of no use unless it comes in contact with the right consumers. This is why having a distribution strategy is so important.

Here are a few of the many topics we cover in this guide:

The Customer Journey

A linear customer journey no longer exists. We’ll show you how to gear content toward the information needs of your audience.

The Right Distribution Strategy

Find out how to use the PESO model and content funnel in your channel distribution.

Along the Marketing Funnel 

Understand the importance of offering content options at specific stages in the marketing funnel.



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