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August 20, 2020


Lead Generation

Human taste can change over a lifetime. When we’re young, we might favour sweet foods. As we reach middle-age, something more bitter might be better, and in old age we’ve pretty much tried it all. Changes in taste and preference impact what we consume, and when we consume it.

Any good chef knows and understands their guests. They know what their guests enjoy, what they expect, and when they want to be served.

All of this also rings true for marketers and their target audiences when it comes to lead generation. Within a customer journey, each user has different expectations and needs. If a marketer wants to generate leads, the content and information that is presented to audiences has to reach their unique expectations. Timings, recipes, utensils and ingredients are all essential for executing a successful lead generation campaign.

So, in order to help you get the right flavours for your lead generation recipe we’ve created a cookbook for marketers. The free guide covers:

  • What lead generation is and how to identify a quality lead
  • Tools and handy aids for building your pipeline
  • About target group analysis
  • What makes a good landing page
  • The perfect ‘ingredients’ to creating effective lead generation campaigns
  • A background on our work with Automation Champions

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