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June 9, 2021


fintech, future spotting, trends

"Fintech is thriving because it greatly expanded access to capital to small business owners, including women, minorities and immigrants, who were under-served before technology levelled the playing field." - Rohit Arora, 3 Reasons FinTech Is Thriving,

There has been a shift in the financial services and fintech scene in APAC, especially with the acceleration of e-commerce, occurring on two fronts: a shift of existing products, services, and retailers to online, and a surge in digital-only or digital-first products, services, and retailers.

Today, the region is home to over 6,000 fintech start-ups and fintech innovation in the region shows no signs of slowing down. Fintech’s appeal for millennials and Gen Z is undeniable. After all, it’s the unique traits of this younger generation that have played a part in the progress and evolution of the finance industry.

In this special edition of our trends series, Future Spotting, we cover the most prominent fintech trends in APAC and help fintech brands shape their marketing to appeal to millennials and Gen Z.

Fintech guide 2021

Inside the guide

  • FinTech in Asia Pacific
  • Prominent Fintech Trends
    • Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)
    • Digital / Neo Banking
    • 3 Robo Advisory
  • The Generations Embracing Fintech
  • The Fintech Marketing Checklist

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