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Published on

September 25, 2020


B2B, Communications, content marketing

Relevant content as a direct line to decision-makers

Content marketing is no stranger to marketers today, and there’s a good reason why. A solid content strategy can have a significant impact on driving both awareness and demand, particularly for B2B brands. But how should you structure B2B content? What considerations need to be taken in order for your content to drive leads?

In this white paper, we take a closer look at the relationship between content marketing and SEO, how to utilise it effectively as part of the sales process, and how to create content that appeals to a B2B audience.

What’s inside:

  • The relation between content marketing & SEO
  • How content can add value for sales success
  • Understanding B2B purchasing decisions
  • The role of personas
  • How to create touchpoints for your content marketing campaign
  • Examples of content marketing strategies

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