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January 12, 2021



2020 was the year that changed everything. Marketers faced new challenges, both personally and professionally, and had to adapt quicker than ever before. With many lessons learnt, what will marketing teams around the world be prioritising in 2021?

We spoke to over 200 marketers around the world to find out more about their past actions and future plans. We discovered surprising changes to budgets, common fears and five key priorities that marketers across a range of industries are focusing on.

Inside the guide

  • The state of marketing in 2020
  • Top concerns in 2021
  • Key priorities for 2021
    • Lead generation and lead conversion
    • Dealing with digital fatigue
    • Boosting brand equity
    • Streamline your marketing technology stack
    • Strengthening skills and talent
  • How to identify the right strategy in 2021
  • How to manage ROI effectively

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