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August 3, 2022


TEAM LEWIS launches a new microsite and poll Singapore Pattern (Good Morning Edition), to uncover Singaporeans' unique morning routine habits.

Global marketing agency, TEAM LEWIS, has launched a dedicated microsite celebrating the unique traits and behaviours of Singaporeans.

Coinciding with Singapore’s 57th birthday, the first instalment of the interactive microsite titled The Singapore Pattern (Good Morning Edition) features live polls that seek to uncover what the quintessential morning routine looks like for the average Singaporean. With more people commuting back to the office, this highly localised experience will also address Singaporeans’ innate curiosity, allowing them to kaypoh how their preferences differ from peers and express their Singaporean spirit by sharing personas inspired by local culture on social media.

In a nation as diverse as Singapore, there are just as many things that set citizens apart that bring them together – The Singapore Pattern will be a series of fun, interactive campaigns that celebrate the little and interesting vignettes of everyday moments that make us uniquely Singapore.

TEAM LEWIS is known for managing social media channels, content marketing, and public relations for clients across various industries including Nikon Asia, Epson and Rendezvous Hotel. The agency is passionate about weaving in local insights and nuances to create bold campaigns that appeal to the wider audience and drive results.

Mark Tay, Head of Content at TEAM LEWIS Singapore said, “Creating great content is at the heart of many things we do at TEAM LEWIS, and we’ve always keenly aware that the right insights are essential for us to do just that. We hope that this Singapore Pattern campaign can be a fun and creative way for us to pay tribute to some of the things that make us Singapore while also providing a peek into how many of us kickstart our workday.”

To find out what your Singapore Pattern looks like, visit Curious Singaporeans can also follow TEAM LEWIS on its social platforms – Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn – or visit to discover what the average Singapore morning looks like when the poll closes on August 31.

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