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Briana Bruinsma

Published on

October 15, 2018


PR, public relations

While many say public relations doesn’t work anymore, that’s simply not the case. Rather, the world has changed, and public relations doesn’t work quite like it used to. It’s not as simple as pitching reporters and getting quick hits anymore. Like everything else, public relations has evolved. From how reporters communicate to leveraging their social channels to how PR will continue to evolve, it’s essential that communication pros familiarize themselves with how to stay ahead of the curve in this digitally obsessed world.

Old PR vs. New PR

From Twitter to Facebook to Whatsapp, the way reporters are communicating has quickly changed. In fact, journalists are no longer relying on traditional press releases or spokespeople soundbites to get news from companies. They’re quickly taking matters into their own hands and following thought leaders on social channels or company websites to get the opinions and thoughts they are looking for. While it can be tough for PR professionals to use multiple platforms to keep in touch with key reporters, it’s critical to do so for not only your client’s success but yours as well. Reporters will only continue to take matters into their own hands and reach out to companies / brands directly.

Using Social Media to Your Advantage

While reporters are using social channels to their own advantage, it’s essential that PR pro’s do the same. From monitoring news sites to social profiles, these channels can bring a wealth of knowledge allowing us to stay ahead of the game. Having the ability to gauge what topics, spokespeople or news will be of interest to reporters, enables us to provide the right information to them. By simply mentioning something a reporter included on their social media or an article they have recently written, shows that you did your homework, and they’ll appreciate your research down the line. Depending on the nature of the reporter, you may only have one shot to get your point across. Using social media to your own advantage can create new experiences as well as open new lines of communication.

The New Public Relations Philosophy

The digital world has and will continue to change the public relations industry. Digital platforms have introduced us to a slew of new ways to communicate with reporters and channels to pursue. As a result, PR is no longer just about communicating a message with an audience. Rather, it’s about having a conversation with audiences. While it may be hard to tell what the future of PR holds, there is bound to be a continued cross-over between public relations and the digital world. Overall, PR still works, it just needs to work differently.

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