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Published on

September 3, 2021


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Here’s Your Copy of The E-wallet Marketing Engagement Index

Using our proprietary methodology, the LEWIS Marketing Engagement Tracker, 15 of Malaysia’s leading e-wallet brands have been profiled across 9 key categories and ranked based on their composite score.

Data points in each category have been designed to cover the full marketing mix. Metrics range from user experience and personalisation to social presence and communications CSR.

Find out which brands make the top 5 and what makes them stand out from the rest.

What’s inside:

  • The current state of e-wallets in Malaysia
  • Key findings using the LEWIS Marketing Engagement Tracker
  • Top 5 ranking for e-wallets in Malaysia
  • How e-wallet brands can improve marketing engagement

To find out more about our methodology or if you’re keen to get your brand assessed,  get in touch with our marketing experts in Malaysia.

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