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Bank of the West


San Francisco


Broadcast Media, Media Relations, Public Relations

Growing Awareness During Covid-19


Banks are not one of the most common industries showcased in the media, in fact, they often shy away from the spotlight for fear of negative press or disruption in their legacy industry.

Bank of the West was no different. We were challenged with providing TV opportunities without the ability to pitch their CEO and with extremely limited internal news or announcements to showcase.


The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically impacted the economy, creating volatile markets, a roller coaster of financial fluctuation, and widespread supply chain disruption. Additionally, a presidential election threw another curveball into the mix, creating a so-called perfect storm of economic turmoil.

To help address this unprecedented time, we focused on a source of reason and answers. Bank of the West Chief Economist Scott Anderson is an award-winning economist, known for his most accurate forecasts. We developed a media brand for Scott, creating a “Get Your Most Critical Questions Answered” experience for broadcast.

We offered Anderson to producers across Bank of the West regional markets. Anderson was able to monitor, dissect, and rationalize economic turmoil in specific local areas, providing not just a security blanket on a national level, but on a hyper-regional scale. As a bank with a strictly local presence, Anderson supercharged credibility and trust in some of the nation’s most vulnerable economic areas. Not only did Anderson provide local audiences answers and a source of closure, but his presence also solidified Bank of the West as a trusted service in the community, especially at a time of heavy distrust among banks following SBL rollout hurdles during the pandemic.

Moreover, Anderson became a regularly requested TV guest around ongoing topics related to the economy, community business trends, and the political-business crossover.


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