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Changing brand perception through web design

Campbell Lutyens approached TEAM LEWIS to redesign and rebuild their corporate website.

As the finance company had grown from a small team in one office to a global company, they wanted to shed the perceptions to create a look and feel more fitting for their scale.


  • Reflect Campbell Lutyen’s market positioning as a global company and niche service provider in the financial industry
  • Target prospects who aren’t aware of the work done by Campbell Lutyens
  • Show the company as it is today and not the company of ten years ago
  • Educate prospects as to what Campbell Lutyens do by providing more useful and more relevant information

The solution

TEAM LEWIS created the new site on Sitefinity, implementing fully responsive page templates that offered a more contemporary look and feel while improving the overall user experience.

As well as creating a more coherent taxonomy and site wide search to help users be able to find the content, we also created new functionality to help with lead generation and qualifying sales lead including a searchable library of thought leadership and whitepapers as well as Salesforce integration.

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