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Carbonite - preventing data loss in the enterprise with Carbonite

Carbonite – preventing data loss in the enterprise with Carbonite

Founded in 2005 in the United States, Carbonite provides a robust data protection platform, including backup, disaster recovery, high availability, and workload migration technology. The data protection platform – acquired in 2019 by Opentext – supports businesses worldwide with a secure cloud infrastructure.


Carbonite called on the LEWIS team to develop an embedded digital strategy to meet its awareness and lead generation objectives among IT managers.

In the context of the COVID-19 lock-down in France, the agency built a strategy that combined editorial content production, a display campaign, and a lead generation program.



Working on the editorial angle of Cybersecurity and remote working, LEWIS developed a whole range of content and creative assets (editorial articles, mailers, white papers, banners) to promote the campaign to its target audience.

This content was relayed through three highly read IT media – Le Monde Informatique, Silicon and ITPro. The content was also activated through a display campaign to increase visibility, placed within articles in selected media to generate traffic, and a used in content syndication program to generate leads.



The results are as follows:

200,000+ impressions

10,000+ clicks on published articles

250+ qualified leads generated

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