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D-Link, a global leader in wireless and connectivity technologies, has been designing, developing and producing advanced solutions for LAN, Switching, Wireless, Video surveillance, Storage and Smart Home for over 30 years. TEAM LEWIS has been working with the company since 2014, carrying out an important press and digital support activity.

With the aim of making people aware of how to approach the Internet responsibly in an increasingly hyper-connected world, TEAM LEWIS designed and developed an integrated communication campaign #ConnectResponsibly

The campaign

Increasingly, we find ourselves in situations in which digital connections are preferred to real ones, and in December 2017 a campaign was launched based on three pillars aimed at highlighting the main problems encountered when connected, and for which a more responsible approach is needed:

  • Responsibility in frequency: when and how much we use our digital devices
  • Responsibility in content: how we interact on social media, the words we use, the content we create, and how we share our personal data
  • Responsibility in the connection: how vulnerable we are on the web, how important we consider our data security


The first phase of the #ConnectResponsibly campaign, started from the social media channels in December. It aimed to remind users to take their eyes off their smartphones and focus on their relationships in the real world, with their family and friends . For each post published on social containing the hashtag by 7 January 2018, D-Link donated the equivalent of one hour of internet connection to the Foundation Casa della Carità “Angelo Abriani” of Milan. Italian TV presenter Tessa Gelisio supported the campaign by inviting her followers to participate in the campaign.

The second phase, instead, began during the last month of the Italian electoral campaign. The goal was to promote responsible use of connectivity and encourage positive online behaviour, so D-Link decided to analyse the behaviour of Italians online towards politicians and elections.

The analysis of online content (almost 2 million tweets and comments, published from 1 January to 12 February 2018 on social media, blogs, forums and sharing platforms) linked to the 2018 elections was created with the professional tool Crimson Hexagon.

To continue the awareness the issue of responsibility in content, D-Link plans to launch a project with schools for the next school year, to make young people aware of these issues.

The third and final phase will begin before the end of the year and will aim to educate users to be more attentive to the issue of computer security.


  • 19 articles published in the first phase
  • 54 articles published in the second phase
  • 28,000,000 reached through press
  • 2 radio interviews
  • 1,600,000 reached through radio
  • 14,000 interactions

For more information on the #ConnectResponsibly, click here.

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