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Grow with Google


The Grow with Google initiative offers free training and tools to help the mass grow their skills, career or business. Under the same initiative in Malaysia, Google has been running ‘Mahir Digital Bersama Google’ and ‘Women Will’ program that offers free trainings to help especially local SMEs and women entrepreneurs expand their online presence using Google tools.

The challenge was not only to create awareness about the programs but to train as many unique participants as possible, especially for local and small business owners to benefit from the programs.


On social, we created content that educates business owners from the important of having online presence to tips and tricks to help grow online presence. Postings would also include call-to-action for people to join our free trainings to learn more from our expert trainers.

Our trainers are individually picked, trained and interviewed to ensure quality, consistency and subject experts to help us run both our physical and virtual trainings. We also work together with our trainers to run paid media on social to reach a bigger audience that would benefit from the program.

We also partnered with other companies, organizations/associations and NGOs to train their employees or members ranging from soft skills topics to technical digital topics in different languages – Bahasa Malaysia, English & Mandarin. Through our successful partnerships, we were also invited to join panel discussions and on-ground events to help us promote the programs.

Throughout managing the account, we continuously look for different strategies and areas to ensure we are training as many unique people as possible while also ensuring that our participants are benefitting from our trainings. This is also to ensure our participants journey with us and Google a good learning experience.

When the pandemic first hit us, we had to adapt our offline trainings to online trainings. We changed the training format to fit online learning and changed our training modules to suit the challenges that business owners in hopes it will help them. We also had additional one-on-one classes to support and address any business-related questions business owners may have with our expert trainers online.


Over the past 12 months we have achieved the following results:

  • We have more than 15 trainers that can train different modules in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin
  • We have trained more than 8,500 unique individuals from all over Malaysia and different industries
  • We have partnered with more than 25 organizations/associations, companies and NGOs to train their employees and members
  • We conducted more than 250 trainings both offline and online in 2020
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