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INVISTA is one of the world’s largest integrated producers of chemical intermediaries, polymers and fibers. In markets like China where e-commerce is gaining momentum, concerns about Intellectual Property (IP) protection are at a high. INVISTA is taking a stand by putting the spotlight on issues surrounding IP rights and calling for change in the textile industry.


To meet the task at hand, LEWIS China designed an integrated, research-led campaign to highlight the state of IP in China’s textile industry. The results and findings from a survey we developed were shared with media and communicated through advertorials and WeChat.

In addition to these efforts, we put together a line-up of distinguished speakers at an offline seminar to open up the discussion on IP protection and its effects on businesses and consumers. The speakers included a leading expert in IP protection, an association representative from China’s textile industry and INVISTA’s Global Business Director for Denim and Wovens.


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