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Exceeding limits literally and figuratively

According to Lightyear, the future looks sunny. The Dutch start-up has a mission: clean mobility for everyone. How can they achieve it? By designing a car that capitalizes on the richest, most accessible energy source that we know here on Earth: the sun.

Lightyear was founded in 2016 by alumni of Solar Team Eindhoven, the three-time winner of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (2013, 2015 and 2017). The series of successes inspired them to develop the technology to share with the wider public.

At an early-morning event in June, Lightyear announced “the rise of a new dawn”. The first rays of the sun revealed the prototype of the world’s first long-range solar car, Lightyear One.


The innovative project had to be published throughout Europe. This challenge was a perfect match with LEWIS’ international character, which was a major asset for this project. It was beneficial to collaborate with LEWIS offices across the continent, as every country has a unique character and needs and requires different approaches.

In the run-up to the official presentation of Lightyear One, LEWIS, together with Lightyear, told the story for the new website and various articles, invited the European press for the launch event and set up a large number of interviews before and during the event.

The news was picked up in the week of the launch by more than 600 publications worldwide. During the launch of the prototype, 60 journalists from ten different countries traveled to Katwijk, where the eye-catching unveiling of Lightyear One took place during sunrise.


Clippings across the globe, and counting


International journalists getting up at 4:30 AM


Countries received coverage

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