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Public Relations

Defining the Narrative

MuleSoft has emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in enterprise software. Integration of software applications is increasingly a strategic part of core commercial propositions. The company wanted a narrative that resonated with business leaders and Chief Information Officers, alike.



LEWIS developed an executive profiling campaign to gain greater visibility for CEO, Greg Schott. The team secured in-person interviews with channels such as Bloomberg, Forbes, San Francisco Chronicle and Reuters. This was done by showcasing his unique perspective on workplace trends.

The team also took a content-focused approach for MuleSoft founder, Ross Mason. His visibility campaign revolved around trending news and rapid response commentary. Op-ed bylines were placed in national and international media.

Proprietary content from our research arm strengthened these programs. Ultimately issuing a full report on the results – the teams created a survey for senior decision makers on topics related to IT priorities, APIs and The Cloud.



MuleSoft increased in strategic media interviews by 100% and increase trade and business coverage by 36% over two years. Examples include:

Original content drew in over 100,000 views from the first five posts, as well as 2,000+ likes and 700+ content shares.

For purely lead generation the exercise was one of the most successful ever for MuleSoft.

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