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Event Marketing, Public Relations, Research


Spitch is an international company focused on voice technology solutions, development and implementation. Its mission is to deliver accurate Natural Language Processing solutions, as part of artificial intelligence, to improve customer experience and reduce costs. Spitch chose LEWIS in December 2017 to announce its arrival into the Italian market and to develop a brand positioning and brand awareness strategy.


Spitch’s goal was to introduce its disruptive and innovative voice technology solutions to the Italian market by showing companies the emergence of evolving needs and giving them a new perspective on customer experience.


In order to build and grow Spitch’s brand awareness, LEWIS focused on intensive consultancy and media relations activities from the outset. LEWIS worked closely with the company’s team and took on a central role in the brand’s communication strategy. An important part of the Spitch’s PR campaign led by LEWIS was the management of surveys, research and local media angles. These communication activities aimed to reach the generalist newspapers, which are typically more interested in consumer trends and lifestyles rather than specific products or services. Alongside traditional communication tools, LEWIS and Spitch utilized international ads and leveraged several international and local editorials. The launch event, held in December 2017 in one of the most trendy restaurants in Milan, was attended by 10 journalists from mainstream, vertical banking and technology newspapers, including Corriere della Sera, Azienda Banca and Office Automation.


  • Approximately 250 articles in less than 3 years
  • 20+ interviews with local and international Spitch’s spokespersons
  • 10+ bylined articles
  • Media training with the local team
  • Start of collaboration: 2017 and ongoing
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