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A Client Experience Summit

At TEAM LEWIS, we love to challenge the status quo, inject fresh thinking and keep our ideas current. As one of our valued clients in the region, we want you to be a part of these conversations too!  

This year we are introducing ‘SPARK’, our first ever Asia Pacific client experience summit. In this half day event, we’ll share the latest marketing trends and techniques, and offer a forum for you to ask TEAM LEWIS and other industry experts your burning questions.


The Agenda: The Action Economy

The world of marketing and communications continues to evolve at a tremendous pace. Attention is the new currency in today's complex marketing multiverse. But not all audiences are paying. It's time for brands to take action and explore new avenues to stay ahead. SPARK will feature three break-out tracks that influence the action economy - creativity, ecosystems and commerce - so you can decide what's relevant to your business.
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Keynote Sessions

Welcome Address: Tapping into the Action Economy | Fairil Yeo, SVP, APAC
As the velocity of digital evolution continues to accelerate, brands are no longer at battle with their competition or noise. Today, brands covet attention from a growing breed of the digitally fatigued audience. This audience no longer looks to skip the noise altogether but they look forward to keeping away from devices and staying out of reach. SPARK, our first agency client experience event, hopes to become a platform to inspire ideas and solutions that may address some of these. We hope to share with you more about what we see and where we can go together.
LinkedIn: B2B Isn’t Boring, It’s Brilliant | Jolene Sng & Elaine Tan
B2B is often viewed as the boring cousin of flashy consumer marketing - but this session will demonstrate how B2B campaigns can set the standard for what brilliant marketing looks like. Learn more about the B2B audience landscape, explore content archetypes and see inspiring case studies that help you take a fresh approach to B2B marketing.
Google: Ads & Commerce Brands Narrative | Tara Yoon, Head of Partner Performance, Channel Sales, SEA
As the retail commerce ecosystem evolves, so does the consumer, with shifting needs, expectations and values. In this session, Tara will share Google's vision & strategy for commerce and retail.

Creativity Sessions

Strategies To Cut Through The Clutter | Mark Tay, Head of Content
There’s a lot of noise out there with brands and businesses vying for consumers’ attention with different messages across platforms. The average person could see 4,000 ads a day or more. How can your message cut through the noise, reach your audience, and engage them? We distill the years of editorial experience from content experts to provide helpful perspectives and practical steps for your next content marketing campaign, by convincing through context, crafting relatable messages, ensuring content maximisation and consistent content messaging.
Building A Sonic Experience | James Mort, Creative Executive, APAC
Music, sound, and voice are powerful tools to keep audiences engaged and fight back against falling attention spans and hyper-competitive marketing landscapes. Create new and powerful experiences for customers by creating an emotional connection in a split second through Sonic Branding. In this session, we unveil the secret to grabbing precious attention, conveying meaning, creating engagement, and triggering recall as we discover how sonic branding is more than just jingles and voice overs. Experience how sonic can be used as a channel agnostic glue that expresses brand experience and evokes emotion across any marketing channel that incorporates sound.

Ecosystem Sessions

Marketing In The Multiverse | Keso Kendall, Head of Regional Strategic Accounts, APAC with guest speaker David Loughnan, Managing Partner at Unbnd
In a world where work & home, fact & fiction, online & offline are increasingly merging, it can be hard to capture even a moment of an audiences’ attention. In this session, co-hosted with immersive technology partner Unbnd, we will explore changing trends in platforms, content format and technology, with a focus on how today’s brands can trigger action among target audiences.
Developing Your Green Communications Agenda | Jennifer Greatrex, Client Engagement Director
The health, environmental, and social crises of the last couple of years has raised consumers’ expectations on the brands they work for and buy from. Companies are being held to a higher standard today, and being a responsible and sustainable business is increasingly part of boardroom conversations. In this session, we share the changing trends and landscape of the sustainable business imperative, the importance in authenticity and truth, inspiring solutions from sustainable leaders and an action plan for a successful sustainable business.

Commerce Sessions

The Promise of Commerce: An Audience Insight | Frazer Sakyi, Business Development Manager at Statista
Before the advent of eCommerce, it was virtually impossible to have any significant retail revenue that was not tied to a physical location. This scenario has completely changed over the last decade, accelerated in particular by the global pandemic. In this session, business data platform partner Statista will discuss changing trends in commerce, and how today’s brands can use data and insights to develop their commerce strategy.
Instant And Frictionless Payments Anywhere In The World | Julie Bolan, Head of Business Innovation, Oceania at SWIFT
The world has embraced new waves of digitisation intensified by the exceptional challenge of a global pandemic. New competition, propelled by innovative technology has disrupted the payments business. In this session, we will cover how payments should be instant, frictionless and transparent, with global interoperability; and the payment trends that are transforming commerce.


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