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Tracking the top brands in the Travel and Hospitality industry

With ever-increasing competition and new brands emerging every day, the travel and hospitality industry is one of the most competitive. It’s critical in the digital age, these brands implement strategies that will make them stand out from the crowd and balance a focus on both repeat customers as well as attracting new ones.


LEWIS has profiled 15 of the leading hotel brands, as well as 10 full service airlines that fly to Singapore and ranked the top 5 in each, based on their digital engagement.


Using LEWIS’ Marketing Engagement Tracker, companies have been profiled across 10 key categories and ranked based on their composite score. Data points in each category have been designed to cover the full marketing mix. Metrics range from user experience and personalization to social media and mobile optimization and much, much more.


The result is the inaugural LEWIS Marketing Engagement Index for Travel and Hospitality.

Download the Singapore Travel & Hospitality MET

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