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Branding is key to communicating a clear message that your audience can easily recognize. It is your north star that guides all of your campaigns. If you’re confused as to what your brand identity is, most likely your audience is too.

Unfortunately, this discrepancy trickles down to your marketing strategies and leaves your potential customers wondering what’s next, after coming into contact with your promotions. Therefore, holes in your branding and marketing can lead to missed opportunities. And missed opportunities mean less sales and revenue.

TEAM LEWIS is a creative branding agency with extensive experience in developing creative strategies, starting with your branding. Bringing clarity to your customers and internal teams, our branding strategies span national and international awareness campaigns.

By refining and focusing your branding, our goal is to move customers from awareness to recognition, from participation to conversion, and from one-time buyers to loyal brand advocates.


The TEAM LEWIS Approach

Whether you’re starting from scratch or are in need of a complete rebrand, our teams can help. Here’s how it works:

1. Pinpoint your brand identity

We start with a deep-dive brand and market assessment, taking into account organizational history and data, industry analysis, and competitor research. From here, we hone your business’ core values to influence your brand narrative . Our creative teams work with key internal stakeholders to determine whether to finesse existing  brand architecture or start from square one. After this, we identify your brand persona. Who is your brand? What is its tone of voice? What imagery best encapsulates its character? We then create customer personas to strengthen creative strategy behind your messaging.

2. Craft brand messaging

Our research and analytics team identify whitespaces your brand can capitalize on and own. We then develop messaging that tells your brand story in a manner that appeals to your target audience. Once your narrative is finalized, we create a strategy that outlines how and where to tell your story.

3. Implement an integrated content strategy

Internal communications are important. We work with you to educate your internal teams on the brand, providing resources such as brand guidelines and asset portals. Consistent communication helps ensure content creation and messaging is consistent across all channels: website, editorial calendar, social media, paid ads, etc. Our PR teams craft new pitch angles to win media attention while our content teams plan and develop content from eBooks to video to push out across earned, owned, paid and shared channels. We work in conjunction with our expert designers for tailored creatives that deliver the most engaging brand experiences.

4. Evaluation

We’re obsessed with results. We consistently review brand performance data to determine if we are reaching the right audience and spreading awareness to potential customers. Our full-scale analytics team asses the success of your campaigns, message pull-through, trends and, most importantly, the best way to refine your brand story for greater impact.


While overwhelming, rebranding can modernize a brand that’s been in the business for years. Rebranding isn’t about stripping a company of its corporate identity…it’s about enhancing the legacy that’s already at play. Here are the steps:

1. Prepare your company

Change is harder for some than it is others. All stakeholders have to be on the same page; otherwise, all the hard work can get abandoned in the final stretch. Involve executives, investors, your internal marketing team and legal. Anticipate what your teams will want to know. Why is rebranding necessary and what do you hope to achieve?

2. Know who you are

Let us know your goals and we’ll use them to help frame your identity. Defining your company values and what makes your products/services unique, will shape the visual aesthetic of your brand.

3. Know your audience

Separate any personal or historical biases to determine what your audience wants to see. It’s all about what best represents your brand.

4. Follow the steps in order

Rebranding should never be rushed. Done right, a rebrand should only take place once and stand the test of time, attracting customers and partners alike. We help define your brand mission and values and then move on to your logo. Your logo determines your visual aesthetic: color palette, imagery and stylistic treatments.

5. Don’t rebrand every year

A successful rebrand is timeless and should only take place once every six years, at most. Sure, you may need a brand face lift or refresher to avoid becoming outdated. During refreshes, we maintain your core color palette, typography and logo.

Creating your brand strategy from scratch? Our experts can kickstart the conversation and move your branding in a creative direction that drives results. Let us help you define your brand and build rapport with your potential customers. We’ll work with your team to create a strategic branding plan, starting with the basics:

  • Brand vision
  • Tone of voice
  • Mission statement
  • Typography
  • Color palette
  • Imagery
  • Logo usage
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