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Top Data Analytics Agency in Australia

Marketing starts with knowing your audience and understanding your customers’ needs; how they locate your brand, their behavior and interactions on your website and media channels, and the messaging that inspires them to convert. Analytics is crucial to monitor the lifeline of those digital marketing efforts. It enables us to identify what’s working and drill-down on areas of improvement.

As partners that essentially handle Google Analytics consulting services for clients, our analytics team collaborates closely with internal and external stakeholders to help companies meet their goals. Whether that’s increasing conversions, driving better quality engagement, or minimizing cart abandonment, we use all of the analytics tools at our disposal to deliver actionable business intelligence recommendations to clients.

Google Analytics & More

At TEAM LEWIS, we customize our approach to analytics to provide everything from basic web analytics to more complex advanced analytics, depending on the needs of the businesses we’re working with. Sometimes that means performing Google Analytics audits, and other times it’s consultatively making recommendations about marketing operations. Regardless of the situation, our goal is always to take a data-driven approach to providing actionable insights that drive business results.


The LEWIS Approach to Analytics & Reporting

We do marketing analytics and reporting differently. Here’s how:

We Start with a Strong Foundation

When it comes to analytics, we make no assumptions. We validate proper conversion tracking, audit Google Tag Manager setups, and ensure data sets are populating as expected. A strong foundation is absolutely essential to success with analytics and reporting, so we always start with that kind of analysis.

We Incorporate Analytics Everywhere

Analytics isn’t something that’s just used in digital marketing, or just used in social, or just used in PR. It’s used everywhere. Whether it’s analyzing performance of paid campaign efforts, or reporting on the number of placements in top tier publications, it’s a collaborative approach and we always position ourselves as analytics consultants for our clients across all service areas.

We Report with Context

There’s reporting—which is really just a data dump of numbers and charts with no context or analysis. And then there’s reporting and business analytics at LEWIS, where we combine intuitive visualizations with actionable insights. It’s not just ‘here’s what happened.’ It’s ‘here’s what happened, here’s why it happened, and here’s what we’re doing as a result.’

We Focus on Data Integrity

Reporting is only as good as the data it’s based on. This is why LEWIS places significant emphasis on ensuring data integrity, in everything from Google Analytics setups to how data flows through marketing automation and CRM systems. Some might call us data nerds, and it’s this obsessive attention to detail and analytics expertise that sets our analytics solutions and reporting capabilities apart from others.

How It Works

TEAM LEWIS Analytics spans four key areas: market analysis, community health, business impact and market trends. Within these four categories, TEAM LEWIS Analytics features 12 analytics modules, underpinned by best-in-class methodologies and technology solutions.

Market Analysis

TEAM LEWIS Analytics can tell you what people think of your brand and how it compares to the competition.

Ground-breaking marketing programs understand the market, its challenges and opportunities. LEWIS Analytics uses analytics tools to give you insight into your audience, your brand, relevant media and influencers, and the competition.

Business Impact

Does your web presence increase someone’s propensity to buy? Buyers make decisions based on search engines and web pages… are both working for you?

The process of identifying and nurturing sales opportunities is fundamental.

LEWIS Analytics uses analytics tools and marketing experts to identify areas in which your sales process creates a barrier to sales, and finds new opportunities to improve demand generation and lead nurturing.

Community Health

Visual storytelling is a key driver of community sharing, but must be tailored to the personas in the group. How can you ensure you are sharing value-added content?

TEAM LEWIS Analytics analyzes online engagement and maps it against customer personas to help you understand your community.

Market Trends

The changes that happen externally around your business affect the way that you operate and how your customers make decisions.

TEAM LEWIS Analytics finds legislative agendas, new trends and changes in customer preferences to help you stay ahead with your marketing campaigns and product strategy.

TEAM LEWIS Analytics Dashboards

TEAM LEWIS offers a customized approach to analytics dashboards, forgoing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality in favor of aligning reporting with client needs. While we have a standard set of dashboards we recommend based on the services we’re supporting, we always collaborate with companies to understand their needs and align on the KPIs to report on, adapting the set of analytics tools we utilize as part of that process. The end result is a set of dashboards that is aligned with business needs, showcases the impact marketing has on the company as a whole, and helps drive business decisions.

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