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Top Demand Generation Agency in Australia

Insight, understanding, and story-telling are all crucial to any effective demand generation campaign. At TEAM LEWIS, we have the creativity and technological abilities to create compelling campaigns engineered around tangible results that meet the needs of our clients. Through end-to-end marketing campaigns, we leverage key tools, platforms, innovations and insights.

Our approach focuses on understanding our clients’ challenges, whether that is lack of share of mind compared to competitors, or a need to increase sales opportunities. This deep understanding is the foundation of our work and guides us to the best strategies and approaches for developing marketing campaigns that achieve measurable results.

As a fully integrated multi-market agency, we’ve got the people and the skills to provide a wide range of demand generation services. No matter your objectives, our digital experts, skilled creatives, and professional marketers will be with you every step of the way.

At TEAM LEWIS, we take an integrated and tailored approach to demand generation marketing. By ensuring each element of the journey is joined up, we’re able to carefully define, reach, and guide your target audience. No gaps, no missed opportunities.

Utilising human insight with thorough and accurate data, we will create a marketing programme which has been designed to suit your business objectives. From strategy and consulting, right through to paid media, marketing automation and sales enablement, we do it all.

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Demand Generation: How we can help

Strategy and consulting Whether the challenge is to make your brand famous or drive lead generation, it all starts with the right strategy

Paid Mediaunderstanding Search, Display, Programmatic, Social – getting the right platform for your goals is crucial. We’ll find the right one to support your business’s demand generation needs

Marketing AutomationMarketing Automation is extremely powerful but not many businesses use it to its full extent to create truly personalised user experiences

Sales EnablementGetting new names/prospects in the top of the funnel is half the battle; moving them through the funnel is just as important. We create content and triggers that can support the sales team throughout the sales cycle

Our experience

TEAM LEWIS has been working with B2B and B2C businesses across the world for 25 years. During that time, we’ve worked with a variety of industries to ensure appropriate business continuity management when the going gets tough. We have high standards when it comes to demand generation, and our marketing experts can help manage and develop robust solutions.

Offices & Awards around the world

Each of our offices has a team of local experts who are ready to utilise their experience, no matter what the objectives might be. Our team includes marketers, digital and paid professionals, social media experts, designers, developers, content specialists, videographers and PR pros.

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