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Establishing ELMO as a thought leader


Founded in 2002, ELMO is a cloud-based solution that helps thousands of organisations across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to effectively manage their people, workplace processes and payroll. The ASX-listed company’s innovative solutions are at the forefront of a disruptive technology sector, driven by the transition of organisations’ various degrees of digital transformation across multiple verticals.

ELMO offers a comprehensive suite of cloud HR, payroll and rostering/time & attendance software solutions that can be configured however an organisation requires, and these are available within a single dashboard and user interface. The software can help an organisation streamline its HR & payroll processes to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as reduce costs.

The Challenge: Establishing ELMO as a thought leader

ELMO is competing in a saturated marketplace and is faced with the challenge of trying to gain meaningful cut-through that will hold the attention of its target audience. As companies continue to embrace hybrid and remote working post-pandemic, many businesses are lost on how to successfully navigate the new workplace environment.

ELMO and TEAM LEWIS saw an opportunity to educate and provide thought leadership on how businesses of all sizes can successfully adapt their workplace models and behaviours post-pandemic. TEAM LEWIS aimed to establish ELMO and its executives as respected thought leaders on employee wellbeing and HR.

The Approach: The power of reports combined with agile action

TEAM LEWIS worked with ELMO to position its executives and the organisation as key thought leaders through the release of a quarterly industry report called The Employee Sentiment Index (ESI).

The ESI surveys 1,500 Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) employees and provides key insights into how workers feel about their jobs, their workplaces and the impact of the current societal or macroeconomic events.

TEAM LEWIS worked with ELMO to release this report to media each quarter, and it is now in its 7th edition as of October 2022. TEAM LEWIS implemented a multi-pronged approach which consisted of different activities such as newsjacking, written commentary, media interviews and influencer collaborations. Top-tier Australian and New Zealand publications and TV programs were targeted, such as NewsCorp Network, Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review, The New Zealand Herald, 7 Sunrise, Channel 10 and more.

TEAM LEWIS also utilised the ESI as a tool to strengthen ELMO’s relationships with influencers/key opinion leaders within the industry. Similar to the approach TEAM LEWIS took with journalists, the ESI was shared with influencers as a hub of information and insight to assist with the work they do, be it content, reports, podcasts and so on. Following a consistent outreach program, TEAM LEWIS was able to help ELMO build strong relationships with top-tier reputable business/workplace influencers and futurists who have written multiple blogs and articles referencing the ESI findings.

All published content featured ELMO and its executives as thought leaders on important topics that were high on the public agenda, including employee sentiment and behaviours post-pandemic.

ESI results from April 2021 – October 2022

TEAM LEWIS not only established the ESI as a consistently referenced report for employee trends by the media and other organisations in ANZ, but also strengthened ELMO’s brand awareness and leadership in the industry. The report’s success is still evident months after launch with many journalists continuing to reach out to TEAM LEWIS to speak with ELMO executives, while consistently generating organic media coverage.

Since the first launch of the report in April 2021 – October 2022, the Employee Sentiment Index has:

  • Achieved 692 pieces of coverage, a year-on-year growth of 73% from 2021 to 2022
  • 400 pieces of coverage secured in 2022 alone, 226 in top-tier media publications including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, NewsCorp, 7 Sunrise, and Australian Financial Review
  • Achieved 459 pieces of coverage featuring Danny Lessem, ELMO’s CEO
  • Referenced as a key economic indicator by the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand
  • Achieved 32.5% Share of Voice (SOV) over the past 12 months, moving ELMO to the number one SOV in the industry
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