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Event Marketing, Public Relations


MiR (Mobile Industrial Robot) is a leading global producer of collaborative mobile robots. As a key market leader in Denmark and Europe’s robotic industry, the company set its sights on China in early 2017.

LEWIS China started working with MiR since 2018 to help the brand build crucial industry media relation from the ground up and to establish themselves as key opinion leaders in the region and to build new business opportunities through the expansion.

Despite industrial robots having immense potential in manufacturing, industry and logistics, the Chinese market knew little about the company and its applications. LEWIS has helped to build MiR’s brand reputation in the Chinese market, outlining the brand’s main audience in the region and providing them with information that is actually valuable to them.




The strategy was to slowly introduce autonomous mobile robot technology and internal logistics automation to manufacturing brands in China, while also creating a positive media and public opinion about MiR’s robotics.


With an in-depth understanding of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Chinese markets, LEWIS utilised strategic press releases and featured articles in notable newspapers to help build a strong brand identity for MiR and helping the brand to gain industry recognition.


A strong repository of customer case studies and feature articles were also built to garner positive brand opinions. LEWIS used two anchor MiR events; China office opening and the SIA/CIIF trade shows to invite media to learn about the company and their products.





pieces of positive media coverage

22 billion

page views generated by MiR’s press releases, articles and interviews


media clippings generated from the 20 media channels engaged for 2 trade shows


active followers for MiR’s official WeChat account, as well as 16k page views generated by the 49 posts distributed over the past year



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