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Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure


How do you convince mothers that gaming with their little ones is actually fun? It’s a question Nintendo has considered. The result, Ring Fit Adventure.

Together with LEWIS, Nintendo launched Ring Fit Adventure in Belgium in the autumn of 2019. Ring Fit Adventure combines fitness exercises and gaming in an action-filled, multi-level adventure world. Two accessories, the Ring-Con and Leg Strap, register all your movements and translate them into actions in the game. Regardless of fitness level, users can train different muscle groups and even create a personalised schedule. Although the game is aimed at a broad target group, LEWIS focused the campaign on mothers at home with their children.

So, LEWIS took on the challenge to spread the popularity of the game to this specific target group by setting up an influencer event.


After a team brainstorm, it became clear that it would be a challenge to address this unique target group of mums with a traditional PR approach as media aimed at mums is not very big in Belgium. Therefore, LEWIS recommended inviting ‘mommy bloggers’ and influencers from all over the country to the Nintendo offices in Belgium.

What better way to inspire mums than to introduce them to the game themselves?

At the influencer event, there were lots of new things to discover. Mothers brought their children along for a whole morning of fun and all were encouraged to put Ring Fit Adventure to the test themselves. Wherever there was exercise, there were yoga mats, fresh juices, and a physiotherapist-personal trainer at the ladies’ disposal.

We thought of everything! In order to make the whole event ‘Insta-worthy’, all rooms were decorated in different themes so mums could snap the excitement with a perfect family picture.



A total of:

21 mommy influencers from all over Belgium came to try out Ring Fit Adventure that day, together with their children. That resulted in

50+ IG stories,

15+ posts and resulted in more than

200 enthusiastic reactions from other mums about Ring Fit Adventure.

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