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Financial Services


Web & App Development

Digital differentiation

Numis, one of the UK’s leading stockbrokers and investments companies, wanted to leverage the power of data and digital to develop an innovative toolkit.


The main goal was to empower its staff and clients with real time analytics and information relating to movements within key financial markets.  This information was served up through a highly intuitive and interactive mobile app based on market leading web technologies from Sitecore and Microsoft.


The end result is a game changing experience that is unique within the market, one that sets a new level for customer experience within the financial services industry.

Additional Information

The app allowed Numis to lead the way by:

  • meeting the fundamental requirement to create a bespoke experience – tailored to provide the best user experience, while avoiding conflicts of interest.
  • presenting and segmenting complex data, into visually digestible content which is then refined for each user.
  • utilising Salesforce data to provide clients and brokers with time-sensitive notifications, company documents and data.
  • creating a customised experience to clients based on their bespoke company profile.
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