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Top PPC Marketing Agency in Australia

At TEAM LEWIS, we see PPC management as part art and part science—an intellectually challenging puzzle that we love figuring out for clients. And as a premier paid search agency with all in-house PPC experts, we take pride in our ability to assess business needs and develop PPC strategies that fit perfectly into multi-channel digital marketing strategies.

Our approach to PPC management emphasizes finding the best way to reach your target audience the moment they’re demonstrating intent—searching for exactly what it is your business offers. We draft compelling ads and ensure alignment between search terms, ad copy, and landing page experiences, aiming to increase click-through rates and conversion rates with every PPC campaign we launch. When done effectively, the end result for clients is simple: more revenue, higher ROI.




Google Ads & More

Our clients—which range from smaller start-ups to Fortune 50 companies—require a PPC agency that constantly adapts paid search strategies for every always-on campaign or new product launch we promote. We aim to stay dynamic in our data-driven approach to paid search, and our PPC team constantly optimizes everything from ad copy and ad spend to ad groups and budget allocation across ad networks to improve performance.

Whether we’re testing new PPC campaigns on Google Ads or exploring the latest features on Bing Ads, our PPC services are constantly evolving so that we never take a ‘set it and forget it’ approach to paid search. No two pay-per click advertising strategies are the same, but with our proven methodologies, executing successful digital marketing campaigns across paid search channels is just another day in the office.

Our PPC Marketing Services

TEAM LEWIS is not your average PPC Marketing Agency, we offer a variety of other services, ranging from one time audits to extensive campaign launches. Below are some examples of the kind of PPC efforts we support:

Always-on Management

For a majority of our clients, we handle ongoing management of their always-on paid search efforts. This entails everything from bid management to ad copy testing to performance analysis, as we aim to take a data-driven approach to any and all account optimizations. We report on efforts on a weekly, monthly, or ad-hoc basis depending on needs, emphasizing insightful analyses accompanied by intuitive performance charts.

Product Launch

As offerings evolve for clients, we often develop PPC strategies in support of launches of new products or services. We research target keywords, develop new ad copy, and support recommendations about how landing pages are designed. Nothing is done in a silo, as we consider the full multi-channel marketing mix and how each element can work effectively together as part of the broader launch strategy.

Campaign Management

When more than just always-on efforts are required, we often develop PPC marketing campaign strategies for companies that have one-time offers or pushes for a specific subset of products or services. These campaigns are managed in conjunction with any ongoing PPC efforts, and reported on as an extension of any always-on campaigns.

PPC Marketing Audit

When companies want to get an outside perspective on their PPC marketing management, we often perform an initial PPC audit to share our thoughts on performance and identify opportunity areas. Similarly, when taking over any new PPC accounts and onboarding new clients, this is always the first step in our process to ensure we have a strong foundation build for future success.

The TEAM LEWIS Approach to PPC Marketing Management

We’re not just another PPC Marketing agency. Here’s why we’re different:

We Align PPC Advertising with Business Goals

We don’t look at paid search in a silo; rather, we aim to understand what business goals our clients want to achieve, and develop holistic marketing strategies that focus on achieving successful business outcomes.

We Take a Methodical Approach to A/B Testing

As part of our efforts to constantly be optimizing campaigns, we propose and diligently track A/B tests of headlines, descriptions, ad types, and landing pages to determine the most effective way to improve engagement from potential customers.

We Ensure Complete Alignment in PPC Campaigns

Whether that’s utilizing single-keyword ad groups (SKAGs) or implementing an alpha/beta model in our account structure, we always aim to ensure complete alignment between what the user is searching for, what our PPC ads say, and what landing pages on the website we drive traffic to.

We Keep Everything In-house

Some PPC services are outsourced by agencies. Not at LEWIS. Our team handles all PPC management in-house, ensuring that the people you’re talking to on calls are the people actually developing the paid search strategies and executing the work.

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