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Our SEO services improve the visibility of your website and brand. The web has created a generation of engaged consumers that have instant access to knowledge, products, and services. By doing search engine optimization right, you put your brand at the top of search engines, claiming brand dominance in the category and establishing your brand as the authority in your industry. By not doing SEO, you empower your competition by putting them in the driver’s seat capturing top search engine rankings.

The TEAM LEWIS Approach

The core components of LEWIS’ SEO strategy consist of in-depth research, analysis, optimization, authority building, measurement, while focusing on the key pillars of natural search: on-page, content, technical, off-page strategies. Our complete and on-going SEO strategy creates a solid foundation that is scalable for long term growth that integrates with all digital marketing channels to create efficiencies throughout the organization.

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Why Our SEO Marketing Agency Is Different

TEAM LEWIS SEO teams are unique due to several core value propositions:

Agility & Speed

TEAM LEWIS’ team is specifically organized to be able to quickly respond, implement and execute an SEO campaign.

Spirit of Independence

We’re not a one-size fits-all shop. Technology changes and platforms evolve. TEAM LEWIS is not tethered to one specific partner or platform which means there are no hidden agendas, force-fits, or “all eggs in a basket” scenarios.

Integration and Collaboration

An additional critical focus is integration with SEO as well as other marketing teams to further extend the reach and effectiveness of the SEO programs. Our agency model enables us to integrate SEO with other marketing services to extend the reach and effectiveness of SEO programs.

Data Driven

Our in-house analytics team analyzes competitive data and trends to develop content strategies focused on SEO best practices, rankings and increasing organic traffic.

Failure isn’t Always Failure

Testing is an important and critical piece to moving a business forward. We’re not afraid to make recommendations and aggressively test a hypothesis to see if we can make a business stronger, faster, or more efficient.


We stay up-to-date, developing new SEO Marketing strategies that utilize Google’s best practices and changes to their algorithm.

SEO Marketing Experts

With over 12 years of combined experience, our SEO consultants brings substantial expertise in technical optimization, content marketing, off-page authority building and analytics.

Client Education

Aligning with our phased approach to planning, TEAM LEWIS also finds value in the development of search learning agendas for our clients. We want to ensure all stakeholders not only understand our strategic approach, but also the tactical elements that make our SEO campaign successful.

Professional SEO Services

TEAM LEWIS offers an array of SEO Marketing Services that are recommended to the client based on the initial findings from the SEO team. Below are some example audits that can be performed to help your digital marketing strategy.

  • Technical Audit:
    • – TEAM LEWIS performs a 75+ point audit of items that influence different technical performance and online visibility aspects of a website.
    • – Benefit to the client: Ensures the site is technically compliant with Search engines to increase online visibility, clicks, and revenue.
  • On-Page SEO Audit:
    • – TEAM LEWIS reviews how a client’s website presents its content to users and how each element translates to search engine crawlers.
    • – Benefit to the client: Builds high quality content, brand awareness, increase of qualified organic traffic/conversions, and reaches target audiences who may avoid ads.
  • Off-Page SEO Audit:
    • – TEAM LEWIS performs a 20+ point audit of items that influence different off-site SEO performance.
    • – Benefit to the client: Increase the site’s referral/ social traffic, authority of the site to search engines, and increases page rank.
  • Competitive Audit:
    • – TEAM LEWIS compares the client’s site against 5 other industry competitors and performs an in-depth SWOT analysis.
    • – Benefit to the client: Fill a void in market user demand, capitalize on emerging industry trends, and exploit competitor weaknesses.
  • YouTube Audit:
    • – TEAM LEWIS reviews the overall health of a client’s YouTube channel and provides best practices to increase visibility in search engines.
    • – Benefit to the client: Earn valuable brand exposure via content consumption as well as increase indirect referral traffic to the site.
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Monthly Retainer

Our agency model enables our teams to flex and pivot to put clients’ needs first. We provide customized solutions that incorporate the following:

  • Site Health Management
  • Continued Site Analysis & Optimization Planning
  • Content Optimization & Meta Development
  • Public Relations & Social Media Support
  • Link Building Development & Promotion
  • International Site Optimization & Support

When you should consider investing in SEO Marketing?

  • Seeing declines in traffic or desiring boosts to certain areas of the site.
  • Brand demand is declining, such as a loss in popularity, the brand is less well known, or fewer users are searching directly for your company.
  • Seeking heightened visibility around new content development
  • Integrating SEO into a PR strategy to gain increased traction around specific releases.
  • Seeking supplemental ROI beyond current Paid Search performance
  • Performing a site redesign or platform, especially with a mobile responsive focus.
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