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Social media has altered the way we communicate forever. It’s sharing, it’s self-expression, it’s engagement, and it’s real-time. It’s a global transformation.

Social media audiences want to engage with brands, and spread the word. By delivering meaningful and authentic experiences to your target audience, your social communities can become your strongest brand advocates.

Social media platforms are where your community goes to meet your brand, online. They are one of the first places a customer will go to praise (or blame) or look to find information. Therefore, organic social media programs should be treated as an integral part of your digital marketing mix. Social media is also the top public platform for building and fostering your community, ultimately increasing awareness and brand loyalty.

But organic social media also has measurable ROI: social media programs can drive traffic to your blog/website, paid social media can generate leads and successful social media campaigns can build lasting relationships with audiences, customers and influencers in your vertical.

Unlike other social media marketing agencies, LEWIS goes further than just managing social media accounts and social media platforms. LEWIS knows that a successful social media campaign does more than just drive brand awareness, engagement, and followers.

We deploy and enable social campaigns across all channels of paid, owned and earned media. This includes comprehensive strategic development, program management, listening and sentiment analysis as well as content creation. Working with your in-house team, we drive ROI and map back to your business strategy.

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The TEAM LEWIS Approach

Our social media strategy always starts with audience research and market intelligence. This includes a brand and competitive audit as well as an in-depth look at the social media landscape. We then collaborate with your in-house team to develop your social media strategy and content strategy.

Organic reach for brand content on social media is currently less than 10%. This is why it’s critical to invest in social media programs to put the right content in front of the right audience and at the right time.

Influencer programs can be designed to activate social media campaigns, driving higher levels of engagement. Social media strategy involving a mix of content creation and content curation broaden brand awareness among your target audience.

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  • // Social media content strategy
  • // Social media community management
  • // Social media campaigns
  • // Target audience research and identification
  • // Social media analytics
  • // Brand awareness programs
  • // Demand generation programs
  • // Social Media community growth
  • // Account-based marketing
  • // Multi-touch retargeting
  • // Multimedia formats
  • // Strategy and consulting

TEAM LEWIS Social Media Programs Are:


We work closely with both our digital and PR teams, acting as the singular thread that establishes unity between the two. This enables us to develop one overarching message or story that can be translated across multiple channels and outlets in order to enable a brand to tell an overall cohesive story seamlessly across many different mediums.

Data Driven

We analyze data and insights to develop content strategies and inform decisions around a specific audience and their interests. We then work to strategically incorporate and insert brands into these relevant conversations so that the content we produce is more organic, relevant and less self-promotional.

Social First

We strive to craft a message that is visual, authentic and engaging enough to live and breathe first on social, but is overall format agnostic. We want to capture the vast social media audience from the onset with our compelling rapid-response, always-on content.

Three Roles of Social Media Chart

Paid Social Media:

At LEWIS, we provide strategic paid social activation driven by audience insights and brand strategy. This approach yields the most targeted and efficient social media campaigns.

  • Campaign Objectives: Define the social media campaign objective. Is it brand awareness, lead generation, content promotion, on-site conversions?
  • Audience Discovery: What is the target audience and where are they consuming content? What are the capabilities of each network to reach the audience?
  • Message Development: Create unique, compelling, and shareable social media content for chosen networks. Mobile-first design.
  • Content Delivery: Select social media platforms and ad units based on social media campaign objective, audience, and messaging. Multi-channel planning.
  • Report and Optimize: Campaign analysis, audience insights, reporting, & optimization recommendations.
LEWIS Social Media for Events:

Social media is an ideal way to drive traffic and event awareness and exposure. Social media programs which complement PR efforts create new communities, and foster community engagement.  Pre, during and post event management strategies are used to create and maximize content reach.

On-site event support includes:

  • Live tweeting, blogging, interviewing
  • Video and multimedia production
  • Create community or user generated content
  • Engage community with contests, polls, giveaways
  • Train staff to become event social media experts
  • Drive sales leads
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