Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together this guide to key areas that candidates often ask about before they join us.

What is job security like at LEWIS?

Unlike many agencies, during both the dotcom crash and the recent economic downturn, we have avoided redundancies. We’re proud of this. If we offer you a job, our track record shows it’s one of the most secure in the industry.

Do you believe in work/life balance?

Each of us will have differing needs at different stages of our lives and careers, so we strive to achieve the right balance for each team member. We’re flexible about how and where the work is done, within the context of the team and our clients’ needs.

How do you give recognition?

We have formal appraisal systems whereby managers review performance every six months. We also set monthly goals and check-ins so our activities are aligned and each team member gets rapid feedback. In addition, we have award programs to recognize outstanding performance and managers are also encouraged to award ad hoc bonuses.

Do you have mentoring schemes?

In addition to a formal line manager, each team member has the opportunity to be mentored by another member of the LEWIS team. This could be a peer or more senior manager. It could be formal or relaxed – it’s up to you.

What is career progression like?

LEWIS is a meritocracy, so if you perform well, you’ll have the chance for rapid progression. In addition, at a fast-growing firm opportunities arise more quickly than they might in a larger (or smaller) organization – this is one of the benefits of being an expanding, mid-sized agency. 

Do you give back to your local communities?

Each team member is given two days per year to work with a non-profit organization of their choice. Got a cause you believe in? Go do it.

How do you address environmental concerns?

We encourage energy efficiency. Many staff cycle, walk or catch public transport to work since our offices are located centrally to provide easy access. 

Are you flexible?

We actively encourage all team members to develop new processes, to introduce new technologies and new techniques. Just because that’s the way we do it today, doesn’t mean it’s the way we have to do it tomorrow.

Is technology important to you?

We’re big believers in the use of technology to revolutionise the way we communicate and how we work including how we deploy technology to remove administration from our working lives. 

Is there a lot of senior support?

We work in offices that provide open access to senior staff. It’s very common to find managing directors and VPs working hand-in-hand with account executives on a project. 

How much do you use social media?

As you know, we’re one of the leading agencies in the development and implementation of social media programmes for clients. We also use it extensively within the agency, from our blog (LEWIS 360) to regional twitter channels to our in-house Yammer network. 

Do you encourage learning?

As well as formal training programs we also encourage a culture of learning. We expect staff to read widely (from online sources to the latest business books), to attend conferences and networking events, and to discuss techniques with their peers.