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Training is a priority. If you want to know how we approach training, the name of our development programme itself should lead you there: 'Rise'.

Rather than focusing purely on skills that allow you to be effective today, we invest in training that elevates you in your career. We prepare you for leadership.

Rise starts with an understanding of how people learn. It uses a mix of lecture-style training sessions, workshops, coaching and mentoring. Then we work closely with managers to ensure everybody has a personal development plan.

The Rise Academy is based in San Diego, California. The Academy delegates are our future leaders. Rise is an opportunity to learn from each other and return to your home office with the motivation to engage, inspire and lead. In the classroom, modules cover a range of areas including:

  • Leadership
  • Business skills
  • Marketing strategy
  • Investment appraisal
  • Integrated marketing
  • Digital and social media
  • Creativity

The course is created in conjunction with the world-renowned Chelsea College of Art to include art-based learning. This technique, developed through our Kupambana Foundation, encourages big picture thinking and helps foster creativity. 

Rise And Shine is our in-office training programme. Tailored for each office and region, it includes sessions such as people management, productivity and time management, technology, writing, analytics and, of course, specific courses for our PR, marketing and digital practices.​

Rise On Demand is a virtual training programme. Using online learning systems, our teams are able to access a range of courses at their convenience.

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