Boosting Breastfeeding

Facing the persistant taboos around breastfeeding, Belgian public health agency Kind en Gezin (Child and Family) had to act. It decided to engage advertising agency LDV and LEWIS to deliver a campaign to boost awareness for breastfeeding in Belgium. The remit; make breastfeeding part of everyday life again.

It’s Not a Taboo, It’s the Norm

Although breastfeeding used to be a part of popular culture and art in the past, nowadays you rarely see women breastfeed in public in Belgium. By having more women visibly breastfeed in public, new mothers would get more comfortable with it. This would improve the attitude towards it in general. Making breastfeeding the norm, instead of a rarity.

Breastfeeding ‘Extra’s’

A campaign was launched to recruit breastfeeding ‘extra’s’. The casting criteria; mothers that were prepared to appear in popular TV shows, movies and in series. To make it a familiar and common sight in day-to-day Belgian lives again. The campaign was launched with a press conference and social media campaign, driving traffic to a central website. On the site women can register to be an extra in popular Belgian TV series. And producers and directors can go there to support the campaign by booking their very own breastfeeding extra’s.

Challenge Accepted!

The launch generated coverage on TV and radio, and over 50 articles appeared in online and offline media, reaching an audience of over 8 million. The awareness generated more than 400 registrations by women that wanted to be breastfeeding extra’s. Famous TV series, such as ‘Familie’, ‘De Buurtpolitie’, ‘Zonen van As’ and the movie ‘De Dirigent’, committed to including breastfeeding extra’s in their shows.


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