LEWIS helps NGDATA in building greater awareness in the Belgian market

NGDATA is a growing enterprise which is specialized in the latest innovative technology concerning big data, data-analysis and putting insights into action for greater customer centricity. LEWIS’ part consists in building greater awareness in the Belgian market for the company and its innovative solution, Lily Enterprise, through managing press relations with business and technology media.

LEWIS chose to present the opportunities and applications of the big data-software to journalists by using examples of concrete implementation.

In addition, we wanted to make NGDATA top-of-mind concerning big data in the Belgian press. All communication needs to be used for the positioning of NGDATA as an expert in the matter. But also as an innovative and ambitious Belgian firm. 

Throughout some interviews NGDATA could personally connect with journalists, which augmented their interest in the firm and therefore put the enterprise on the radar. This formed a base for the continuous flow of press releases concerning the expertise of NGDATA and their ambition to be the go to solution provider for building greater customer relationships for banks, media/publishing and telecommunications companies. 

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