Fully 80% or more of people have had some sort of unpleasant skin problems, and it’s not nice! It doesn’t look good and people are often really embarrassed about it. Research has shown that 71% of people feel less self-confident.


To make the subject more socially acceptable, break the taboo and get people feeling able to talk about it, LEWIS and the creative agency Before The Wave launched a campaign for Yun Probiotherapy, a private biotech company in Europe that approaches skin-care with beneficial live bacteria.

The World’s first “Pimple-bar” opened its doors in Antwerp! It was a feel-good pop-up bar for young and “less young” alike, for “difficult” or good skin types – or for anyone who was just curious! Pimple-related myths were properly burst; and you could come along and have a facial, ask questions, have a private consultation and lots more besides. The campaign included social media content and PR.


The result was coverage in more than 50 publications in print, online and on the radio and tv, in Belgium, France, The Netherlands and UK.


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