Relevance engineers.

Successful communications is no longer just about getting attention. It's about being relevant. Relevance drives positive awareness, demand and advocacy. After all, the most creative campaign in the world won't generate sales if it doesn't address customer needs at that time.

It’s our job to make our clients uniquely relevant, be it to a target market, a customer, or a story.

We help our clients build valuable reputations through careful message development, executive profile building, product promotion, community management and engagement with the right influencers and media.

We make clients relevant to the moment through targeted rapid response, expert news handling, storytelling and social campaigns.

All this requires a mix of skills. We combine granular monitoring and analysis with big picture thinking; knowledgeable media relations teams with great storytelling. We implement multi-channel, cross-border campaigns with obsessive attention to detail and the agility to iterate in real-time.

Our PR services include:

  • Brand platforms and message development
  • Brand and reputation analysis
  • Strategic communications
  • Media, analyst and influencer relations
  • Corporate communications
  • Executive visibility
  • Speaker bureau
  • Customer programs
  • Community management
  • Crisis management
  • Media training
  • International campaign management
  • Measurement