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18 September 2019





Visual Storytelling: What is it and why does your communication strategy need it?

People tell stories. They have for centuries and centuries. A story can give meaning to something, build relationships and transmit experiences and goals. So, it’s not surprising that science and marketing have spent a long time studying and using this tool to develop and apply effective strategies. Through stories, behavioural change can be achieved.

The way we tell stories hasn’t changed much over time; the way we can deliver them, on the other hand, is completely different than before. Just to throw a cliché at it: an image is worth a thousand words. We humans are simply programmed to quickly process visual information and give meaning to it. The statistics will amaze you. For example, we remember 80% of what we see and do and only 10% of what we read. A good story with amazing images can help brands and organisations build awareness, differentiate, and communicate their values. That’s why visual storytelling should be an essential element of your communication strategy.

But what is visual storytelling and why is it such an important pillar of your communication strategy? During this webinar, Domien Hellwig, creative director of LEWIS Netherlands, will not only explain the what and why, but also look at how you can apply it effectively in daily practice.

The live webinar will start at 10:30am CEST on Wednesday, 18 September.


Meet the host


Domien Hellwig


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