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Information for Journalists and Media

LEWIS are media relations specialists. We pride ourselves on maintaining excellent, long term relations with members of the press and media. This benefits all parties – LEWIS understands what journalists and media are looking for and pitches the most news relevant stories of the day on behalf of their clients; our clients can find the best way to promote themselves and trust that LEWIS will deliver good work; and journalists and media have access to interesting and captivating material for their publications.

Our continued relationship with you is a pillar of our success. In this process, we wish to be transparent about what data we collect about you, as summarised in this page, and as further set out in the Privacy Policy.

The information we collect

We hold information about your name, your job title, the name of your employer, the publications you write for, as well as your contact details. In addition, we hold information about your professional history, specialisms and preferences. We may also collect details about your travel documentation and personal contacts from time to time.

This information about you is collected from a number of different places including:

  • directly from you – when you interact with us via email, telephone or in person. For example, you may send us a business card or vCard
  • from your company – your colleagues may pass on your details to us
  • from publicly available sources – your details may be available via your employer, on websites and on social media
  • when we generate it ourselves – where we review your professional work and assess your preferences
  • from third party organisations – we work with trusted media organisations who may provide your details
  • from other LEWIS companies – we receive referrals from our international colleagues.

We will only collect your information in line with relevant regulations and law. The longer our relationship with you, the more detail we will hold about you.

Whilst we will endeavour to update information about you when we discover changes, for example, if you begin working for another publication, you are responsible for making sure you give us accurate and up to date information. If you provide information for another person, you’ll need to tell them how to find LEWIS’ Privacy Notice and make sure they agree to us using their information for the purposes set out in it.

How we’ll use your information

We’ll use your information for various purposes. The main purposes are as follows:

  • To send you materials by email and post relating to LEWIS and our clients, including press releases, materials regarding our clients products and services, and other materials for publication
  • To contact you by telephone, email and post regarding press opportunities, including briefings, meetings, press conferences, trade conferences and events
  • To organise your attendance at events including to arrange travel and accommodation.

We’ll only use your information where we’re allowed to by law. For example, carrying out an agreement or contract we have with you, fulfilling a legal obligation, where we have a legitimate business interest or where you agree to it.

Who we can share your information with

We may share your information with our clients, for example, where it becomes more efficient to have direct contact between you and the client, or where the client wishes to know more about the media contacts they may be meeting or speaking to. We may also store your details into a database but which is hosted by a third party, for example, a known cloud database. We may also share your information with suppliers that are working with us, for example, any venues that are hosting our press events or travel agents that may be booking travel on our behalf, and with our international LEWIS group companies.

How long we’ll keep your information

Whilst it is unlikely that we have contractual terms of business between us, we view journalists to have an ongoing relationship with LEWIS throughout your professional career as a journalist or media producer, so that you can receive information and opportunities regarding our clients who are based in various industry sectors and markets.  If you believe our relationship is not longer relevant and wish to end this, please let us know.

We’ll remove information about you that we no longer believe is relevant, especially for information gained to organise your attendance at events. After our relationship ends we will no longer keep information about you, except where we may need it for our legitimate purposes, for example, where we need to report our press activities to our auditors or government authorities.

Changing or removing your information

You have the choice to change your contact preferences at any time, to update your contact information, or for us to stop contacting you. We will update your details if you submit these details to us. These requests should be addressed to the Data Protection Officer at [email protected].

Data Controller

For the purposes of this notice, the data controller is the LEWIS group company listed in your market. The data controllers are set out in the data processor summary sheet provided in this link.

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