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25 January 2018


What's Next for PPC in 2018?

Over the last few years our Global Director of Biddable Media, Jennifer (Johnstone) Lopez, previously named Female Search Marketer of the Year by Search Engine Land, has been asked to join the top 25 experts in paid search to comment on the changing digital landscape and how marketers can be most prepared moving into each new year. Each year, her findings, along with those of her peers, are outlined in the Search Engine Journal’s recurring series on the Big PPC Trends You Need to Know.

In this webinar, we discuss some of Jennifer’s major trends impacting paid search in 2018, with a particular focus on changes to Google AdWords. This webinar is best for moderate to advanced paid search or marketing professionals and will be covering topics like voice search, the growth of mobile, expanded targeting options, and our take on the new AdWords interface.

In this session, we will cover major PPC trends for 2018:

  • With a focus on Google AdWords
  • Our take on the new AdWords interface
  • Diving into topics like voice search, mobile and targeting