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février 15, 2018


brainstorming, management, réunion, RH

Comment accomplir tout le travail de la semaine avec le nombre de réunions prévues ? Les professionnels du marketing se posent régulièrement la question, eux qui consacrent en moyenne 50% de leur temps en réunions.

Being able to conduct meetings in half the time means having twice as much time for strategic thinking, writing, creativity and analysis. Here are 4 golden rules for running a meeting more effectively:

1. Disconnect!

Let’s play devil’s advocate: Do you want the meeting to last much longer than expected? It’s easy: let everyone answer their emails, make updates on social networks or even send messages during the meeting. Extended meeting time guaranteed!
For a productive meeting, everyone needs to be focused. Therefore, set aside connected devices, except those used for note taking and remote conferencing.

2. Stand up!

This concept comes from journalism. A lot of editorial boards are held on their feet because no one wants to stand too long. This promotes the concentration of the participants. Hold fast !

3. Shift!

It is better to postpone a meeting, or even several times, if the decision-maker cannot be present. Postpone the meeting to another day and save everyone time.

4. Watch in hand!

No one will blame you for keeping an eye on the clock and moving the meeting agenda forward if it allows everyone to finish in the allotted time and witness the conclusions. So plan your meetings and have a strategy in place. Make sure a debrief is done and shared, and everyone is made aware of next steps.

And you, what other tactics have you put in place to improve the productivity of your meetings? 

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