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Page Speed Optimization

We Do Performance.

Quick and easy access to brands online is more critical now than ever. So naturally, optimum page load speed is crucial. This especially rings true for mobile. Interrupting your online brand experience with slow load times is a nonstarter for most consumers. After all, Google has made it clear we’re impatient when it comes to the online world with 32% of us bouncing a site that takes longer than three seconds to load. That probability increases to over 100% if it takes more than six seconds.
“There is no one single metric that measures a fast user experience.” – Google
By utilizing industry testing tools from leaders in the space, we can evaluate your website and measure perceived user experience as it relates to the loading of your website or app in the browser.

Test Your Website

Wondering how your web page is performing?

Enter your URL below and within a few seconds you will see how it performs with Google’s Lighthouse test.

Page and Site Performance

By measuring performance we'll find opportunities to speed up page loads on your website. Taking action on these opportunities ensure that every page is optimized for users to be able interact with and view page content quickly.

Accessibility Markup

Optimizing your website for accessibility ensures all users can access content and navigate pages with ease. Although accessibility is generally centered around users with physical impairments that impact their online experience, it also extends to the overall user experience, especially across interfaces. We'll find ways to improve the accessibility of your pages using automatic and manual testing techniques.

Code Best Practices

The health of any web page can be determined by the best practices applied in the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code used to compile your website or app. By implementing best practices we'll improve the overall health and status of your web pages.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important factor in bringing users to your site. SEO requires ongoing care and attention. Using technical SEO implementation techniques we'll tune your content to be clearly understood by search engines.