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Connecting communications and the creative arts

The Team LEWIS Foundation focuses on the visual arts. For instance, our global offices regularly exhibit art lent by students and the art community. This artwork is also available for sale to clients, employees and the general public. The TLF does not profit from any sales. All proceeds go directly to the artist.

This is an important part of our physical office ethos. They always contain vibrant fresh creativity from the arts community that we help to serve.

The Foundation has funded a variety of projects and initiatives since its inauguration. In particular, it has helped develop and strengthen the bonds between the communications industry and Chelsea College of Arts in London and Losina Art Center in San Diego. At Chelsea College of Arts, the Foundation has supported graduate and postgraduate students through individual grants, course and materials funding, event and project sponsorships and awards.

We must all never forget that we have climbed a ladder which is denied to others by circumstance. We must do everything we can to ensure the rungs of the ladder are maintained.

Curator, Joshua Y’Barbo

I became involved with Team LEWIS Foundation (TLF) shortly after its launch in the autumn of 2012. The Foundation helped me to carry out research in to the relationships between art, education and global cultural, social economies. I continue to implement this research into art & design courses at University of the Arts London (UAL) and LEWIS team-building workshops.

As Curator, I am responsible for selecting collections of textiles, designs and artworks by graduating students at Chelsea College of Arts. This work (see below) is presented both internally, within LEWIS’ working environment, and externally, to LEWIS’ clients and the wider communication industry. The Foundation has exhibitions continually running in LEWIS’ offices across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Since 2012, we have exhibited more than 250 pieces of work around the world.

2019-2020 Exhibition

2019-2020 Exhibition