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Hillary Werronen

Published on

June 28, 2018


Over the past few years, perhaps the most used and heard mantra among marketers has been “Content is King” - and it has been. The digital platforms we use daily are built to optimize content for performance, ease of discovery, and quality user experience. With this renewed focus on creating content, we as marketers find ourselves in an incredibly competitive space. Not only is there more content than ever, but changes and consolidation within the industry mean that there are fewer prized platforms and outlets on which to display branded content. Media placements are scarcer and more difficult to earn, and social platforms are deprioritizing brands. Add to that the fact that platforms are aggressively introducing new ad formats and targeting capabilities, and the space becomes even more complicated to navigate.

To design a program that delivers powerful and positive results, we recommend using a ‘surround sound’ methodology. At the core, our intent is to bring a consistent and relevant message to our target audience through a variety of channels. We all know how impressive the difference between one speaker and a surround sound system can be. When the bass beat, mid-range and tweeters are properly tuned and balanced, the experience is exponentially better. Same goes for digital marketing and communications. As the audience sees and hears a resonant message and visuals, they begin to draw connections and conclusions about the brand.

The Components 

Paid Search and SEO

The bass beat of a brand story, robust paid search and SEO strategies allow companies to optimize for brand keywords and bid responsibly on valuable industry terms. Paid search and SEO are typically more reactive channels, capturing existing interest and driving brand awareness and consideration.

Display and Paid Social

As with mid-range speakers, the various tones, melody and lyrics of your brand story are expressed here. Most types of native advertising are more visual in nature and appear across a variety of formats and channels. Sophisticated targeting allows for brands to tailor their brand story to the audience they are trying to reach, when and where they want to reach them

Organic Social

The nuances of a brand story shine through in the same way that tweeters and satellite speakers add complexity and polish to a surround sound system. Bits of data and variations on messaging themes give context and detail to the main brand story.

As with all LEWIS digital programs, our surround sound approach to marketing all comes back to analytics. Each channel, asset, ad format or targeting tactic we choose is only as effective as the data proves. We use this feedback loop to continually test and tune our approach to create the optimal marketing mix to meet our client’s business objectives.

Infographic: Surround Sound Marketing

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