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Olivia Martin

Published on

July 24, 2019


public relations

As a working professional, you’re likely accustomed to the idea that the more you hustle, the further up the corporate ladder you’ll climb. While there’s no doubt that hard work and determination pays off, unplugging now and then is not only crucial for your wellbeing but can actually help improve your career.

Public Relations is considered to be one of the most fast-paced industries, and those with experience in the field can attest to this. While it’s an exciting area with lots of opportunities to grow, it’s no secret that the job doesn’t stop when the clock hits 5 pm. However, excelling in your PR career doesn’t always mean that you have to be constantly online or answering emails to all hours of the night. In fact, the best and most creative ideas often pop up completely unexpected when we’re going about our every-day lives. 

Constant Connection in the Digital Age

With technology enabling us to be available 24/7, an increasing amount of professionals are struggling to unplug. This concept of hyper-productivity leading to success can be misleading and more and more studies are proving the importance of taking a break. While this doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to completely shut down your email or go MIA, there are some important factors to consider the next time you struggle to enjoy some hard-earned R&R.


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Taking Time to Unplug Reduces Stress

This one’s a no-brainer. While a healthy amount of stress can be motivating and PR professionals often thrive off busy environments, too much of it is bound to cause adverse effects. While the world is changing at a faster pace than ever before and experiencing stress is inevitable, implementing strong stress management techniques and scheduling a time to unplug in crucial. This will not only put you in a better state of mind to tackle the next big challenge but will also keep you more motivated over the long run.

Clearing Your Mind Enhances Creativity

When your mind is filled with overflowing to-do lists and is working at a million miles per hour, there’s no room for creative ideas to form. With out-of-the-box thinking as one of the core pillars for a successful career in PR, taking time to clear your head and disconnect from hyper-focused thinking has many benefits. Not only will you be able to approach tasks with a refreshed outlook and calm focus, but may even stumble upon your next great idea when you least expect it.

Gain Inspiration from Observations

Working in PR, our brains are naturally wired for storytelling and we’re likely scoping out a good angle whether we’re aware of it or not. When we step away from our desks and observe the world around us, unique ideas are bound to pop in the form of tangible scenarios. While scanning for news and media trends will always be a great launching point for pitch ideas, making these real-world connections can give us a creative edge and make our ideas stand out.



Traveling Expands Your Horizons

Traveling, especially to a foreign and unfamiliar country, is not only one of the best ways to relax and unwind but can equip you with skills beneficial for any career. As the global workforce becomes more diverse, it’s important to be exposed to different cultures and ways of thinking. Working for a PR firm -especially global one- you’ll likely encounter a diverse set of clients and coworkers from all over the world. Having this experience navigating a foreign country and interacting with different viewpoints will greatly benefit your communications career.

So, whether you’re checking off a bucket-list destination or looking to unwind after a long day, rest assured that this time off is not counter-productive to success. In fact, it may even be the opposite. Not only will you return to work refreshed and ready to take on the world, but may even uncover your next brilliant idea.

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